Front End Engineer



Software Engineering
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Front End Engineer

About Us

Roon was founded by an interdisciplinary team of scientists, doctors, patients, caregivers, designers, engineers, product managers and content producers. We aspire to be the place where all people experiencing challenging health conditions go to find information, community and support. We are starting by helping people navigating Glioblastoma. We believe in the transformative power of community and social connection to shape health outcomes — all experiences we create deepen human connection. Everything we do starts with a deep understanding of patient and caregiver needs. And everything we create combines medical expertise with the lived experiences of patients and caregivers. We are patients and caregivers building for patients and caregivers.
We are backed by an incredible group of venture firms (First Mark Capital, Sequoia Capital, Maveron, TMV, SV Angel, and M13) and entrepreneurs who have built health and tech companies that reach millions of people.
If you want to be part of the early team that gets to re-shape health at this pivotal moment in history, come join us! We are looking for mission-driven engineers to join our team.

Who You Are

We’re looking for a senior front end engineer, with all the equity and responsibility that this adventure entails. If building beautiful application interfaces using a library like React is your thing, we want to hear from you! You'll be a lead on our team.
You are experienced. You’ve definitely seen a product through from conception to shipping (the fabled “0 to 1 phase”), and have about 5+ years of experience. You’ve written code that ships in multiple products, and you really get how to take designs in Figma and breathe life into them. You think fast, using a mix of data and instinct.
You have a bias towards action. You favor practical choices, speed, and have a respect for prioritization. You’re able to focus on things that matter, and also to push back on things that don’t. You respect deadlines, and hold yourself and others accountable to them. You can’t wait to ship things.
You enjoy your work, particularly the thrill of an early stage ride. This position comes with the ability to shape direction and help thousands of people. You have strong opinions on why Expo gets an app out the door, but also where its limitations lie. You’re scrappy and entrepreneurial. You love what you do, and act like an owner.
You’re mission driven and empathetic. You love to rally a team behind a common vision of what the world could be like. More importantly, you care about people, and think products should show people how much the team that built them cares. You lead with head and heart.
And lastly, you’re curious. You love to learn. You’re an information sponge, and have a lifelong curiosity about many things, particularly health care and the intersection of health and technology.

What You’ll Do

Work with our front end team, back end team, product manager and designer to bring our application to life.
We use React Native, Expo, and JavaScript in our application. Amongst other things, we’re going to build the digital front door to health: empathetic, informative, and context aware. We’ve got an early beta in the hands of some caregivers, and they really value the way we’ve unified community and expertise. We’re just getting started.

What we’re looking for:

Product and design sense. We are building for a population navigating difficult conditions, so ensuring that our product is intuitive, accessible, and empathetic every step of the way is imperative. Engineers work closely with product and design - collaborating, ideating and even challenging the team if something doesn’t fall in line with our patient & caregiver first approach.
Really strong JavaScript experience. You can always learn a framework or a library (we’re using, but good programming skills are invaluable. Array de-structuring assignment syntax leaps off your fingertips.
Solid experience with a JavaScript library like ReactJS. You’ll work with our design team to “make it real.” You have a pixel-sharp appreciation of design. Specifically, you’ll dig into a design tool like Figma, and turn those designs into code the designer is thrilled to see. You’re very comfortable “living in Figma” alongside your code editor of choice. You are obsessive about typography, color, spacing, and component-based design systems. Bonus points for thoughtful and creative animations and transitions.
Plenty of experience with mobile design, including mobile web and mobile applications. We intend to start off with React Native and Expo, so you’ll still be touching JavaScript, but we do intend to ship a mobile app fairly soon. You’ve done this before.
A deep understanding of “API-led” or “service oriented” architectures, using a JSON + REST data exchange model. Bonus points for having used GraphQL before.
Knowledge of application security best practices. Terms like JWT and refresh tokens make perfect sense to you (and you want to make authentication and security seamless for everyone).
We’d consider it a bonus if you’ve had experience in the health sector, but that isn’t a prerequisite. Your passion for a challenge in this space is.

What Will Working for Roon Be Like?

You'll receive competitive and transparent pay and equity. And if you happen to live in NYC or SF, where the cost of living is generally higher, we'll make pay adjustments accordingly. Did we mention you’ll be working with a neurosurgeon on work that matters from wherever you’d like to be working from? You can come and visit New York City, where we're based, whenever you want.


Fill out the form or email below! If it’s a good fit our CTO will reach out to you.